Soaring Health Sports & Wellness Community 

Welcome to Soaring Health

As an all-in-one, multidisciplinary allied healthcare provider with three specialised divisions including sports, welness and community and dedicated child and adolescent services, Soaring Health is fouded on the mission of enriching the lives of indivuduals and families.

With specialised knowledge of schemes including NDIS, TAC, WorkSafe, Medicare, My Aged Care and DVA.

Working Hours:

  • Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Soaring Health Membership

Soaring Health’s popular sports and wellness membership makes maintaining optimal health and wellbeing, preventing injury and optimising athletic performance and fitness more affordable.

For $10 per month (billed quarterly), members pay reduced fees on every consultation for all treatment services received on a private fee-paying basis. They also receive a 30 per cent discount on therapeutic products.


From sports injury prevention and recovery to rehabilitation from vehicle and workplace accidents and promotion of physical function in NDIS participants, our children’s and adults’ physiotherapists use manual therapies, hydrotherapy and exercise prescription to promote efficient, long-term relief healing and recovery.


With a focus on holistic wellness and prevention, our chiropractors help people to maintain wellbeing by restoring optimal nervous system function and spinal alignment. They also diagnose and treat a range of issues and conditions, from mystery or treatment-resistant pain to musculoskeletal conditions and injuries and headaches and jaw pain.

Occupational Therapy

Providing in-clinic, in-home and community-based services and assessments, including assessments for home modifications and assistive technology, our paediatric and adult OTs work with individuals to develop their capacities to participate in a rich, satisfying life and realise maximum independence.

Speech Pathology

Our speech and language pathologists help individuals with challenges related to communication to develop skills and capacities that enable participation in education, work, leisure and social and family life. They also assist those with conditions including swallowing disorders and difficulties.


Our psychologists provide wide-ranging support to child, adolescent and adult clients, from managing severe or chronic stress and addressing unhelpful thought patterns and issues underpinning conditions including anxiety and depression using evidence-based therapies such as CBT and ACT. They can also assist with behavioural issues and social challenges in NDIS participants and those with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


From optimising energy, mood and wellbeing and weight loss to recovery from injury or surgery and healthy weight gain or increased intake in children and adults with feeding or eating disorders or challenges, our accredited practising dietitians combine nutrition science with practical lifestyle considerations to achieve each person’s health and wellness goals.

Children's Group Therapy

Our kids' group therapy boosts social skills, development, and education. Led by NDIS-registered therapists, our programs cover handwriting, coordination, and more. Join LEGO Club, Handwriting Club, Let's Get Physical, or Ready, Steady, Soar!


Water's healing power is steeped in tradition, but its scientific benefits for recovery are substantial. Soaring Health physiotherapists use hydrotherapy to aid healing and pain relief by utilizing water's buoyancy for muscle and joint support. This approach can accelerate recovery, alleviate pain, and even help manage chronic conditions like arthritis.

Complex Home Modifications

Complex home modifications, backed by NDIS, customize structural changes for independence and safety, differing from simpler modifications. These changes involve door widening, layout adjustments, and more, aiming to enhance daily living.

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